Timothy Los scammer - looking for victims
We are looking for information about a US citizen, Mr. Timothy Los, born in 1985, who is involved in fraud. Several cases have been reported in Italy. However, according to our data, there may be significantly more victims. This person, using fake payment screenshots and ingratiating himself with people, tries to stay in private houses/hotels for free, as well as make transfers and flights. Posing as a wealthy person and providing fraudulent screenshots from the bank, he hopes to be granted a deferment on payments, after which he stops communicating. At the same time, he is not afraid to send his passports and documents; he travels with his wife Kaoru Los and 2 cats. We also note that he is using a new passport, since he used the old one as collateral and it was not returned to him.

We cannot disclose all the available facts, but an investigation is currently underway into fraud committed by Timothy Los and his wife Kaoru Los in Italy. We ask all victims to contact us by email at scamTimothyLos@gmail.com to gather information and prepare for a class action lawsuit. If this person tries to order any service or product from you, be careful and only work with 100% advance payment, making sure that the money is credited to your account. As the number of victims increases, we are confident that Timothy Moose’s fraudulent actions will not go unpunished and he will face retribution. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

We are looking for victims of fraud by a citizen of Timothy J Los

E-mail: scamTimothyLos@gmail.com

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